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Board of Directors

Naga Prasad Tummala (Founder - People Combine Group)
Mr. Naga Prasad Tummala is the Chairman of People Combine Business Initiatives Ltd. Mr. Naga Prasad focuses on the corporate affairs, HR and Business Development of the company. His vision and mission towards achieving the target has brought the company into the rank now.
Mr. Naga Prasad is a Post Graduate Degrees in MBA- HR and PGPMAX from ISB, and also holds another Mater Degree in MSc- Mathematics.
Mr. Y V Rajasekhar (Founder - People Combine Group)
Mr. Y V Rajasekhar is the Managing Director of People Combine Business Initiatives Ltd. He manages the Business Expansion, Fund Raising, Finance and Budgeting, Brand Management, Mergers and Acquisitions.
A constant learner and a Civil Engineering graduate (BE), Rajashekhar’s enthusiasm towards learning more and more made him pursue and acquire a Post Graduate Degree in MBA – Marketing & PGPMAX from ISB.
Shomie Das (Chairman - People Combine Educational Initiatives.)

Mr. Shomie Das, the man behind Oakridge, has nurtured the School to what it really is today. In his own words, “The seed of Oakridge was planted over a decade ago. Oakridge was more than a school, it was an idea”. Mr. Shomie Das, the person who gives Oakridge its direction, is also the voice and the reason behind every student. As Chairman (People combine Educational Initiatives) he is a quintessential guide for the newer generation.

He brings with him an illustrious and envious experience in the field of education. Mr. Das has been a consultant to many schools in India and abroad. An educationalist par excellence, Mr. Das has been instrumental in setting up many schools across the country. He worked as Head of Physics Department- Gordonstoun School- Scotland, Principal- Mayo College- Ajmer, Headmaster- Lawrence School- Sanawar, and also as Headmaster- The Doon School.

Mandava Prasanna (Joint Managing Director - People Combine Group)

One of the founding team of the People Combine group Mr. Prasanna is a key person behind the success of the group. He possesses values which focus on the human relations at work place. Prasanna is a people friendly, task focused, frontrunner who heads the Education Division with great enthusiasm and energy. He supervises the academic year planning and schedules, staff meetings, examinations and Educational Board affairs.

A Post Graduate in Economics from Andhra University, Mr. Prasanna also holds a Diploma in Business Management from IIM, Bengaluru.

Prasad Dasari (Deputy Managing Director - People Combine Group)

Mr. Prasad Dasari has been associated with People Combine for long time. His contributions and hard work towards the company for the last 15 years was one of the major strength behind the success of the company. He takes care of the Civil and Construction activities of the group.

A passionate in Architecture, Mr. Prasad is a Civil Engineering graduate with lots of aspiration to create a brand new appearance to the entity he is associated with.

Hari Kiran Vadlamani (Independent Director)

Hari Kiran Vadlamani is a serial and social entrepreneur based in Singapore. He was a co founder KSK Power Ventur PLC and founder of Velocity Energy Ventures Ltd. Having exited from both these ventures, he is now involved in Hospitality, Education & Coal sectors. He has also founded Creative India Ventures to preserve and promote Indian Art & Culture globally.

He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has over 20 years of professional experience out of which about 10 years has been in the energy sector.